Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How to Witness to Your Family

As Christians, we are often deeply concerned for the spiritual need of family members who have not accepted Christ. Yet they seem indifferent and resistant to the truth. What can we do reach our families with the gospel?

1) Pray for them.

Plead with God to soften their hearts, to open their eyes, and to show them their need. Pray for an awareness of their sin and guilt. Like the persistent widow in Jesus’ parable (Luke 18:1-8), keep knocking on heaven’s door.

One lady accepted Christ after she got married. For seventeen years, she prayed faithfully for her husband to accept Christ. Although he seemed hardened to the gospel, she did not give up. What a joy it was to see him accept Christ. Now his life is characterized by love for the Lord, love for His people, and consistent joy. 

2) Wait for God’s leading to witness.

If you want to see fruit from your witnessing, pray for God to prepare their hearts. Don’t rush ahead of Him and pressure them to make a decision. 

Pray that God would give you an opportunity to speak, and wait patiently for it. His timing is always perfect. 

Also, invite them to attend our church in North Sydney with you. Even if they wouldn’t come to a regular service, perhaps they would come out to a special event.

3) Love them as they have never been loved before. 

It is not the words of the gospel that attract sinners to Christ. Rather, it is the love of His people. At our church in North Sydney, we have dear people who shine with the love of Christ.

If you want to see your family accept Christ, you need to love them in a supernatural way.

Learn to overlook annoyances and forgive readily. Shower them with kindness, compassion, and attention. Spend time with them, doing things that they enjoy. Help out around the house when no one asked you. Treat them with respect, and be interested in what they have to say. 

“Your loving actions will speak more loudly than ten thousand eloquent sermons,” wrote Ray Comfort. 

If you will pray, wait for God’s direction, and shower your family with love, you can see God work in the lives of your loved ones. He is faithful, and He loves them even more than you do! 

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